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Gateway-Brown's Creek Trail

The Gateway - Brown's Creek trail is the recreational jewel of the East Metro Area of the Twin Cities. It is heavily used by thousands of people year-round. The former Soo Line rail bed, now paved, runs 18 miles from St. Paul, MN to Pine Point Park in Stillwater, MN. The recently acquired 5.9 mile Brown's Creek Trail connects with the Gateway Trail, enabling trail users to go from the St. Croix River (in downtown Stillwater) to the Mississippi River. The Gateway-Brown's Creek Trail is a multi-use trail providing biking, rollerblading, running, walking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing to trail users year round. 


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Brown's Creek State Trail A Great Success

Safety Issues are a Concern 

The success of the Browns Creek Trail has been amazing.  Trail users report what a wonderful trail it is, and large numbers are seen on the trail on any given day.  Great weather has also provided extra opportunities to experience both Browns Creek and the Gateway Trails.

The DNR has reports that some bikers are not observing common courtesy rules, such as announcing your "passing on the left" or riding too fast for conditions.  More worrisome is the fact that some riders tend not to stop at marked crossings.  This is a real danger to themselves and to the cars crossing the trail.  The DNR has decided that it is necessary to station a Conservation Officer at some of these danger areas, and has started to ticket those who don't stop.  This is fair warning to all of us to remember to stop and not just take a quick look and ride on through.  These tickets are "real" tickets with consequences to the biker.  On the Gateway Trail, one crossing that has gotten particular note is that at Lansing.  So, we urge all trail users to be courteous and safe.



Upcoming Events

07/29/2016 1:00 PM (CDT) • Duluth Junction
07/29/2016 7:00 PM (CDT) • Neal Avenue Parking Area
08/13/2016 9:00 AM (CDT) • Hadley lot


 View a map of the new Brown's Creek Trail (5.9 miles long) here. Enjoy the trail and be SAFE!

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