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Upcoming events

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Past events

02/11/2017 DNR Candlelight Walk
01/14/2017 Snowshoeing on Brown's Creek State Trail
01/14/2017 Annual Gasthaus Crosscountry Ski Event
12/10/2016 Our Trail Naturalist will have several events this on Browns Creek and others at Afton Park
08/13/2016 Women's Interpretive Bike Ride
07/29/2016 Birds of Brown’s Creek State Trail
07/29/2016 Trail Trivia Timeout!
06/04/2016 National Trails Day
06/04/2016 Mahtomedi Public Schools Staff Fun Run
05/28/2016 Wildflower Walk
05/21/2016 Bird Walks on the Gateway With Bob Bystrom - Gateway Trail Little Sit Bird Watch
05/14/2016 Bird Walks on the Gateway With Bob Bystrom - Gateway Trail Bird Walk
05/07/2016 Bird Walks on the Gateway With Bob Bystrom - Brown’s Creek Trail Bird Walk
04/24/2016 Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride
04/21/2016 Annual Meeting
02/13/2016 DNR Candlelight Walk
01/30/2016 GBCTA Annual Cross-Country Ski Event
06/16/2015 Brown's Creek Watershed District Ice Cream Social *RESCHEDULED*
06/16/2015 Trail Rides *RESCHEDULED*
06/07/2015 Geocaching 101
06/06/2015 Brown's Creek State Trail Grand Opening
06/06/2015 Brown's Creek Naturalist Tour
05/30/2015 Great River Greening Tree Planting Event
05/16/2015 Women's Bike On!
05/09/2015 St. Andrews Church Bike Rides
05/09/2015 Birds of the Gateway Trail
04/23/2015 Annual Meeting
02/14/2015 DNR Candlelight Walk CANCELLED!
01/31/2015 GBCTA Annual Cross-Country Ski Event
06/22/2014 Women’s Bike Ride on the Gateway State Trail
05/10/2014 Guided Bird Walk
05/10/2014 Trail Trotters!
04/26/2014 Rite of Spring Event at Mahtomedi Education Center
04/25/2014 50 Mile Walk from Taylor's Falls to St. Paul!
04/12/2014 Birds of the Gateway Trail
02/08/2014 Candlelight Walk
02/01/2014 GBCTA Annual Cross-Country Ski Event
01/01/2014 First Day Hike on the Gateway!
09/26/2013 DNR Groundbreaking Ceremony - Brown's Creek Trail
09/10/2013 Volunteers needed for first annual Bike & Pedestrian Count!
07/27/2013 Brown's Creek Trail Cleanup
06/01/2013 National Trails Day
04/25/2013 2013 Annual GBCTA Meeting
02/09/2013 Candlelight Hike

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